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Host - Place which files are served from
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Hosting Packages Search Engine Optimization We can remotely insure your computer is up to date and secure Using floor plans to help you make the most of your office space and traffic flow

Make sure your data is backed up, we can help you make a plan In studio or on site imaging of your products for all uses Our support pages including contact and free how to resources

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How do I host my own website

What do you need to host your own site?
A domain name
Media to put on the pages
A server to store it on
Basic knowledge of how to run a computer

The Tools needed:
Connected browser
Server (us ;-)
FTP client to transfer files to the server
Your creativity

Our Fantastico script installer will do all the heavy lifting for you if your ready for your first blog, just pick the script that you would like to use and follow the 3 to 4 screen prompts and your ready to start blogging (well almost ;-)

I'm a new member now what do I do?

First off take a deep breath and relax you made the right choice ;-) You should have already received an e-mail telling you what to change your domains DNS information to. My DNwhat you say? DNS stands for Domain Name Server which is the equivalent of a postal address for your domain name (website address) so that the postmaster such as Network Solutions, Godaddy or whoever you registered your domain name with knows where to send request for your site. If you registered through us, this has already been set for you.

***Make sure that you have backed up all of your site and e-mail information before requesting any such change to your DNS information, once the change has been made it is can be difficult to get this information from your old host***

To change your DNS listing you will need to log into your Registrar and change the DNS information to point to & Once you have made this change it will take up to 3 days before servers throughout the Internet have the updated information .

CPanel - viewing your hosting account

You'll be using CPanel to manage your e-mail accounts, site statistics, FTP accounts and more depending on the hosting package you subscribe to. Until your DNS is up to date you can log into your webspace On, by using the CPanel login: Visit and log in using your new username and password. You will use CPanel for many function within your site such as setting up e-mail accounts, FTP users, viewing site statistics and installing PHP scripts mentioned above

LOG IN PROCEDURE visit, which will prompt you for a username and password that you have already chosen. If your DNS information has not propagated yet (pointed to our server) you can log in by visiting and use the username and password you created during sign up.

One of the most basic functions you will use CPanel for is the setup of e-mail accounts. In the illustration below you see the information listed for accounts that have been set up correctly.

To create a new e-mail account simply click on [add account] , enter the address name and choose the quota for mailbox space. Keep in mind that e-mail quotas are counted in you hosting space, because of this we strongly recommend that you save your e-mail to your personal computer.

When saving your e-mail be smart and make sure that you never download an attachment that you weren't expecting, even if it comes from someone you know.

How do I upload my site before I have full FTP access on my new account?
The best way is to set your FTP client to the ip address of the server and you will have immediate access or log into using your username and password, then use the file manager to upload your images and other files to the www folder. If you would like more information on how to configure an FTP client please visit our FTP configuration page.

E-mail Clients / Webmail standard with every account
Horde - A wiki for documentation and use and discussion. If you haven't used it yet Horde is the best web mail program we offer and it has a mail, calendar tasks and notes sections all in one

SquirrelMail -
The developers page

NEOMail -
Users Manual

If you don't currently use an anti-virus software program you need to start today! Visit for a free personal license or visit and search for anti virus software. Once you install this software it is important to run a full scann and to keep it updated at least once a month.

Resources to help you build sites

Html Tutorials
W3Schools -offers a very detailed primer on working in html. Regardless of which editor you use, knowing some of the basics is a must!.

Html With Style - basic but detailed with links to other advanced areas

This is a scripting language that you can do many things with our server is ready for use with PHP 5+
- The home of PHP programing, when in question they are the final word of php code.

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