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Accent - emphasis laid on a part of an artistic design or compositions 

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Hosting Packages Search Engine Optimization We can remotely insure your computer is up to date and secure Using floor plans to help you make the most of your office space and traffic flow

Make sure your data is backed up, we can help you make a plan In studio or on site imaging of your products for all uses Our support pages including contact and free how to resources

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SEO and Website hosting services

For over 8 years, AccentHost has been providing SEO (search engine optimization) and Web Hosting services. At first 8 years sounds like a pretty short time, but when you realize the Internet has been in popular use for just 13 or 14 years, you can appreciate that we understand the best uses of and the most effective approaches to tying traditional brick and mortar businesses to online resources to provide

Connectivity: Home office setup to 50 seat offices
Online Presence: Simple html to data driven focused with SEO best practices, to insure maximized exposure
Leverage of server resources: Understanding and use of the latest web 2.0 interfaces and tie-ins
Photography and Video Services: Capture your product catalog or stream your meetings live to the branch office, we have you covered.

Are we cheap? No, we provide fair prices, for solid results. To get started, drop us a line by clicking here and tell us what you have been up to, and where you'd like to be. From there we will tailor a solution that fits not only your understanding, but also your needs and budget. We strive to provide easy to use solutions, because we love to see you grow!

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A growing site dedicated to Photography, both digital and 35mm.

SEO Results:
Canon dslr comparison :
1st on Google - 3.8 mil
1st on Bing - 1.5 mil
2nd Yahoo - 43.4 mil

BalancedArt screenshot
Los Angeles based Christmas tree lot, with wholesale farm located in Oregon. They were the official tree supplier for The Polar Express premier in Los Angeles.

We have worked with Santa & Sons for years for both SEO and maintenance and are now displaying our 3rd version with flash and Streaming video. The design called for two webcams, one on a 5 second delay and the other at 5 frames per second with sound.

SEO Results:
Noble Fir:

4th on Google - 847k
29th on Bing - 4.9 mil
1st on Bing - 1.5 mil
4th Yahoo - 48 mil


Santa & Sons Christmas Trees screenshot

Based on a popular storefront, this site contains general goods leaning to gifts for people with active lifestyles.

The site can be used with out without your shopping cart and upload of a product database is no longer a big deal, you can even just update the prices by importing a single file.

This is a sample site of a catalog driven company.

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Kay's Crocheted Creations
Personalized crocheted baby blankets, sweaters and more. Great for gifts or just to keep warm! This is an example of a simple website and would be the basis for anyone looking to have a page of contact information hosted, so that you can be found online.

This is a subdomain sample, which will allow you to host your site without needing to buy or maintain the cost of a traditional domain name.
Small Business sample screenshot
Hosted by  

Telegraph Brewing

Telegraph Brewing is a Santa Barbara based brewing company of some of California's fines handcrafts ales.

Telegraph Beer screenshot
In Production

A Nationwide data driven referral service, designed to serve both wholesale and retail needs.

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