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Using FTP to upload files to a server

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a quick simple way to transfer files from one place to another mainly your computer to a server so that it can be shared with visitors to your website. If you read through our how to create a web page section you will remember we mentioned using your editor to create the web page and today mainly of them come with an FTP agent built into them, just input your information into it of a stand alone FTP program and you will be ready to move your files from one place to another.

What information do you need to use and FTP program?

A file that needs to be transferred A server to place it on or copy it from
A username A Password (in most cases)
A connection to the Internet An FTP program

When you signed up for your web hosting account you would have been given a username and a password as well as the url of where to upload files to. This FTP address can be and IP or server name such as or To get started let's put the log in information it your FTP client by following the steps below using the free program mifiles.

How to configure your FTP client

1) Download and/or install the FTP client you will be using

2)Find settings / connections and create a new connection

3) Enter the local name and the server address ( most of the time)

4) Enter the username and password using the correct capitalization

5) Choose the initial remote folder (not always needed) and set the initial local folder

6) Save the account (accept for Mifiles), Your now ready to connect

Now that you have set up your FTP client, we are ready to connect to the server. When using Mifiles, click connect on the far left had side and a list of all your configured FTP locations will pop up. Simply double click the location you wish to use and the FTP client will log in. If you are uploading a file you will need to find that file within the local folder side, then find the folder on the remote server that you would like to place it into (for a basic index file that may be the very folder you log into or look for public_html. I f you click once on the local file you can then drag it to the remote folder and you will see the file transfer progress window display ending up with the file appearing once the remote folder has refreshed. Congratulations you've just transferred your first file!

To transfer more than one file simply select the files or folder you wish to move, either download from the remote to the local (your computer) or upload from your local to the remote. Be aware that if you are trying to move a large number of files or large files it may cause a time out, simply retry with less files.

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